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Mary Margaret Folds

YOU. Yes, you. Everything in your life has brought you here, to this moment, looking at this website and reading this sentence. Every conversation, every thought, every argument, every obstacle has lead you here. Ultimately you are the expert on you. I am here to help you discover that. Where are you on your Heroine's/Hero's journey?

Why am I talking about You in a section that is supposed to be about me? Simple, my passion is people. I am fascinated by your story. Deeply listening and being curious about life and how we, as human beings, experience "reality" is what drives me. I have traveled all over the world looking for Truth. I have sought out cultures and belief systems and paradigms vastly different from my own. I see Life as a treasure hunt. I spent years searching for the Treasure only to discover the Universe has a sense of humor. The Great Cosmic Joke is that the treasure is buried inside you. Here is the secret: Our ancestors left us a map.  Internal Design helps you use that map to find the infinite riches hidden inside. Everyone's journey is different. No two expeditions are the same. The map is simply a guide and I'm a fellow adventurer and trustworthy scout. By helping you navigate and pioneer new territory I help myself make groundbreaking discoveries and we help the world transform. We are all in this together.


A snapshot of my map

Begin at the beginning. I was born into an extremely religious charismatic christian home with cult-like tendencies. At the age of fifteen I had a near death experience. This violently propelled me into a new timeline. I was transformed into a driven seeker hungry to KNOW the Truth and understand Life. I travelled the world. I visited Africa, Ukraine, Vietnam, Haiti, Israel, Malaysia and Europe. I studied yoga, meditation, business, history, quantum physics, astrology, tarot and esoteric knowledge. I rebelled against convention and religious institutions. I got tired. I embraced convention and religious institutions. I wrestled with an eating disorder and my self worth. I chased love. I got married. I got divorced. I kept chasing love. I started businesses. I made money. I spent money. I lost money. I wrote. I created. I became a mom. I became a film-maker. I went on psychedelic trips. I wandered in the desert. I descended into the underground. I've lived all over the country from the beaches of Hawaii to the bayous of the Mississippi. I am still learning, researching and mining for the Truth. 

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