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My Online Services


The human being encompasses many facets. Our bodies are the interface between the physical world and the "invisible" world. The coaching process is unique in that it is truly a collaborative effort. Whether one on one or with a team, coaching is a valuable tool that can help you unlock unlimited potential. It can help you gain perspective and give you insight into areas you wish to improve in your life. Together we can design a unique system tailored to your goals, needs and desires.


What is spirituality? It means something different to everyone. For some it is a particular religion. For others it is a relationship with a higher power. However you define spirituality and whatever spiritual language you speak it is an important aspect to our reality. Our internal world is a real place that we can design and build. There are no limits and the choices are infinite. I utilize astrology, tarot, envisioning practices, deep listening, intuition and several other avenues to tap into the Universal Energy flow. All potentialities are available. Let's discover your highest and best.


Who am I and Why am I here? Our potential as humans is infinite. Many of us have been in survival mode and others of us feel lost. What is your purpose? What are your innate talents? Every person has a genius within that can serve humanity. Let's play, let's make discoveries. Life is a game. Let's unlock the magic within and dream a greater world into being.

Our world, our societies, our relationships have become transactional. We outsource community building to monetary exchange. Rather than borrowing tools from a neighbor we just go buy them. We don't want to be indebted to anyone so we use money to facilitate everything. It's easier, right? It smoothes the awkwardness of it all. But what if there is a different way of moving and operating? I base my services on the premise that life is a gift. I trust in the synchronicity of the Universe and the circular flow of energy.  There is no barrier to entry. That is why I have no set pricing structure. This isn't a barter system. I am entrusting you with the power to choose what you feel to give. Everyone's financial situation is different and we can talk about what you want to offer. No judgement, no weirdness, no preconceived notions. Just a conversation. Let's explore new ways to make a living and organize ourselves without the constraints of the old capitalistic model. We can pioneer through play, curiosity and innovation.

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