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Resonance Coaching, Spiritual Advising, Self-Actualization Guidance

My mission is to create a joyful life experience and to help others do the same.

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Mary Margaret

Adventure, Magic, Inspiration, Curiosity, Beauty, Humor, Creativity. These are just a handful of words that define my globe-trotting path through this life. It has been a treasure hunt, a perpetual unfolding, a succession of harsh lessons, some disappointments and a bunch of beautiful surprises. Life is the greatest guru of all. I love people: Their stories, their experiences, their struggles and their discoveries. Let's talk, let's connect, let's discover a win/win solution for whatever puzzle you want to solve. In the end, we are all just walking each other home...


Through collaboration and a dynamic process, together, we create systems that generate a feedback loop of wellbeing for ourselves and our community.


The Spiritual journey is my passion. Building, designing and understanding our internal infrastructure is key to our spiritual growth and inner work.


Personal Sovereignty. The Human Being has certain innate superpowers that distinguish us from machines and animals: Imagination, Intuition, Ideation and Innovation.

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